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Manage Your Time, Master Your Life


Manage Your Time, Master Your Life

Welcome to the world of Fathom Projects, where every hour of your week becomes a stepping stone towards personal growth and productivity. Our unique approach redefines time management by viewing your life as a portfolio of projects, each carefully planned to achieve specific outcomes. By aligning your time with six life pillars, we guide you towards a balanced blend of work and personal fulfilment. Our model encourages you to live intentionally, using ancient wisdom and modern psychology to navigate life's complexities with clarity and purpose. Join us on a journey to harness your time and unlock your potential.

The Art of Project-Based Living


Building Blocks of Transformation

At the heart of Fathom Projects lies a robust framework designed to revolutionise how you manage your life through intentional project planning. This model is built on the principle that every one of the 168 hours in your week can be directed towards meaningful, goal-oriented activities. By breaking down your time into distinct projects and aligning them with our six pillars of actualisation, we empower you to create a life that balances professional achievements with personal well-being and growth. These core components are the foundation for living a more fulfilled and purpose-driven life.


A project is any planned activity with a specific goal in mind, undertaken over a defined period. At Fathom, we broaden this definition to encompass every aspect of your life, turning each hour into an opportunity for progress and achievement.

Definition of a Project

Unlike traditional time management, Fathom encourages you to allocate all 168 hours of your week to various projects. This awareness leads to more proactive and effective use of your most valuable resource: time.

Unique Approach to Time

Just like financial budgeting, time budgeting is essential. It involves tracking how you spend your hours and ensuring they align with your priorities and goals, enabling a strategic approach to time allocation.

Time Budgeting

Every project falls under one of Fathom's Life Pillars: Wellbeing, Relationships, Work, Recreation, Wealth and Environment. These pillars guide you towards a balanced and actualised life, ensuring time is spent in a way that nurtures all aspects of your being.

Life Pillars

Recognising when to end a failing project is crucial. Fathom teaches you to establish clear red lines or conditions under which a project should be discontinued, helping avoid the trap of escalating commitment to unviable endeavours.

Managing Failure and Red Lines

Viewing your life as a portfolio of projects helps clarify priorities and fosters a sense of direction. It encourages you to commit to what truly matters, promoting consistency and focus in your pursuits.

Portfolio of Projects

This component urges you to evaluate whether your time is distributed across the six pillars in a way that reflects your values and aspirations. It's about achieving harmony in your life, ensuring no area is neglected.

Assessing Life Balance

Manage Your Time, Master Your Life


Unlocking Your Potential

Embracing the Fathom Projects concept brings a multitude of benefits that can transform your approach to life and work. By adopting our project-based living framework, you'll gain the tools to manage your time more effectively, achieve a harmonious balance between various aspects of your life, and move towards your goals with clarity and purpose. This method not only improves productivity but also enhances well-being and personal growth. Below are three key benefits that users experience when they integrate the Fathom Projects model into their daily lives.



Harmonise Work and Life

Achieve a true balance between work, relationships, and personal well-being, ensuring a more fulfilled and less overwhelmed existence.


Master Your Time

Gain unparalleled control over your hours, leading to increased productivity and the ability to accomplish more with less stress.


Live with Intention

Make every hour count by aligning your actions with your core values and goals, fostering a sense of direction and purpose.



Making Projects Work for You

Start making every hour work towards your goals. Use our Projects Tracker to see how you’re really spending your time. It’s your first step to living intentionally, balancing your life, and achieving your dreams. Get started today.


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Play To Your Strengths

Optimise and master the various roles you play in life with Fathom's Roles Concept. Utilise the DRIM framework to gain clarity, achieve balance, and enhance personal growth. Start mastering your life's roles and embrace a more balanced, purposeful existence.



Prioritise & Master Your Roles

Turn your dreams into reality with Fathom's Goals Concept. Our SMARTER Goals framework brings a new dimension to goal-setting, blending ethical considerations with flexibility to navigate a changing world. Set your sights on success and embark on a path to achieving your ambitions.



Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals


The Wisdom Behind Project-Based Living

The Fathom Projects concept is deeply rooted in both ancient philosophy and modern psychology, drawing upon wisdom from Stoicism, Taoism, and Buddhist psychology to create a holistic approach to time management and personal development. Stoicism teaches us the value of self-control and the importance of focusing on what is within our power, which aligns with the intentional allocation of our time. Taoism emphasizes harmony with the natural flow of life, mirroring our approach to balancing the six pillars of actualisation. Buddhist psychology offers insights into mindfulness and the impermanence of all things, encouraging us to live in the present and make the most of each moment.

Modern psychology supports these ancient teachings by highlighting the benefits of living a balanced life, setting clear goals, and maintaining healthy boundaries. Research in positive psychology shows that individuals who engage in goal-oriented activities and have a sense of purpose are more likely to experience well-being and satisfaction in life. By integrating these philosophical and psychological principles, the Fathom Projects concept provides a comprehensive framework that encourages users to lead more meaningful, balanced, and productive lives.

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