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Navigate Your Life with Clarity & Purpose


Navigate Your Life with Clarity & Purpose

Welcome to Values, a key concept designed to guide you through understanding and aligning with your core values. This journey will help you differentiate between what you believe, what you aim for, and what truly drives your decisions. By exploring the essence of foundational and motivational, intrinsic and extrinsic values, you'll gain insights into how your values shape your life's path. This understanding is crucial for living authentically and making choices that resonate with your true self, as well as bringing clarity and direction to your personal growth journey.

Discover What Truly Matters to You


The Foundations of Your Values

Fathom's Values concept is built on four key components: Intrinsic Values, Extrinsic Values, Foundational Values, and Motivational Values. These elements work together to form a comprehensive framework that helps you understand the forces shaping your actions and decisions. By dissecting these components, you'll be able to identify what truly motivates you, what grounds you, and how external factors influence your life. This section will walk you through each component, offering a clear view of their roles in defining your personal values system.


Intrinsic Values are about what's internally fulfilling for you. These values are pursued for their own sake because they align with your core sense of self. Examples include personal growth, inner peace, and happiness. Recognizing your intrinsic values is key to understanding what drives your internal satisfaction and long-term well-being, independent of external rewards or recognition.

Intrinsic Values

Extrinsic Values are driven by external validation and outcomes. They include achievements recognized by society, such as wealth, status, and fame. While these values can motivate you to reach certain goals, understanding their place in your life helps you balance the pursuit of external rewards with intrinsic fulfillment, ensuring your actions align with a deeper sense of purpose.

Extrinsic Values

Foundational Values are the bedrock of your character. They include principles such as honesty, integrity, and compassion. These values guide your actions and decisions, shaping how you interact with the world. Identifying your foundational values helps you live authentically and make choices that reflect your true self, fostering a life of integrity and respect.

Foundational Values

Motivational Values propel you forward and inspire you to act. They're closely tied to your aspirations and goals, such as career success, personal development, and creativity. Understanding your motivational values clarifies your ambitions and helps you set meaningful goals that resonate with your deeper motivations, ensuring your efforts are directed towards fulfilling pursuits.

Motivational Values

Navigate Your Life with Clarity & Purpose


Benefits of Understanding Your Values

Embracing and understanding your values has the power to transform your life. By getting to the heart of what truly matters to you, you set the stage for more authentic decision-making, improved well-being, and a clearer path towards personal and professional fulfillment. This section highlights the key benefits that come from a deep dive into your values, illustrating how this understanding can positively impact various aspects of your life. From enhancing your relationships to boosting your career, knowing your values offers a compass for navigating life's challenges and opportunities.



Enhanced Wellbeing

Knowing your intrinsic values shifts your focus towards what genuinely brings you happiness and satisfaction, reducing stress and increasing your overall sense of well-being.


Authentic Decision-Making

Understanding your values leads to choices that truly reflect who you are. This alignment between your actions and your core values results in decisions that feel right and are more fulfilling.


Clearer Life Direction

With a solid grasp of your motivational and foundational values, you can set goals and paths that resonate deeply with your personal vision, leading to a more purposeful and directed life.



Make Your Values Work for You

Start living by your true values today. By joining Fathom and using our Values Analyser tool, you'll unlock the power to make decisions that resonate with your core beliefs. Let's embark on this journey towards a more authentic and fulfilling life together.


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Bridging Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

The Values concept draws from a rich tapestry of psychological theory and ancient philosophical wisdom. At its core, it integrates insights from Stoicism, Taoism, and Buddhist psychology, all of which emphasize living in harmony with one's true nature and the importance of internal over external rewards. Stoicism teaches the value of self-control and the pursuit of virtue as the highest good. Taoism offers the principle of Wu Wei, advocating for actions in alignment with one's intrinsic values. Buddhist psychology focuses on mindfulness and the elimination of suffering through understanding the self and one's desires.

Modern psychology supports these teachings through the self-determination theory, which posits that fulfilling intrinsic needs is essential for psychological health. Research by Deci and Ryan suggests that prioritizing intrinsic values over extrinsic ones leads to greater well-being. This concept encourages individuals to explore and understand their unique values system, blending time-tested philosophical insights with contemporary psychological research to foster a life of authenticity, purpose, and well-being.

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