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Fathom - Personal Development & Personal Growth Coaching
Fathom - Personal Development -  Subscription
Fathom - Personal Development - Apex Subscription


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With Something Meaningful

Get started on your Fathom journey by choosing your subscription. Pick from two options: Nexus for essential personal growth tools or Apex for an all-access experience to our premium resources, including round-the-clock access to personalised, 1-to-1 coaching with AIDAN, our dedicated AI coach, and regular Masterminds, Fathom's group coaching calls.

Fathom Dashboard - access your personal profile

Goals Manager - set and track your goals

Habits Tracker - track your actions & activities

Forces Tracker - balance the Fathom Forces

Values Aligner - align yourself with your values

Strengths Profiler - identify your core strengths

Principles Planner - create your list of principles

Balance Tracker - improve your life balance

Forces Journal - start your day the right way

Fears Tracker - identify and overcome your fears

Chapters Tracker - identify your current life phase

Roles Tracker - assess & evaluate your life roles

Time Tracker - proactively manage your time

Traits Profiler - analyse your personality traits

Beliefs Tracker - identify your core beliefs

Aspirations Planner - picture your dream life

Success Stacker - track your achievements

Aptitude Profiler - maximise time in a flow state

Growth Profiler - track time in your stretch zone

Vices Tracker - track negative habits & behaviours


Unlock Unlimited Access To Personal Growth

A Fathom subscription gives you unlimited access to a wide range of cutting-edge personal development tools, assessments, and trackers. These resources offer real-time results and instant insights from AIDAN, empowering you with the self-awareness and knowledge for ongoing self-improvement.


AIDAN, Fathom's AI-powered personal development coach, is fully integrated into your toolkit, providing personalized guidance and feedback to enhance your growth journey. Here's what's included:

Your Daily Destination For A Mental Fitness Workout

Dashboard & Pathways

Access your Personal Profile and Pathways from your personalised Dashboard.

Groups & Forum

Meet other Members by joining Fathom Groups and posting in the Forum.

AIDAN & Masterminds

Receive personalised feedback from AIDAN and join Masterminds, group calls.


Concepts + Community + Coaching
£45 per month

Apex unlocks additional benefits and unlimited access to advanced features including...

Nexus Benefits - includes all Nexus features

AIDAN+ - AI-powered coaching sessions

Masterminds - 1 x group coaching call per month

Dashboard+ - additional tools and assessments


Concepts + Community
£25 per month

Nexus provides unlimited access to all of Fathom's core features including...

Fathom Dashboard - access all of Fathom's tools

Fathom Pathways - personalised learning pathways

Fathoms Groups - connect with fellow members

Forces Forum - share ideas and experiences


Choose Your Subscription

There are two Fathom subscription plans available - Nexus and Apex. Both are fully flexible monthly subscriptions that can be cancelled at any time.


Nexus provides access to all of the features and benefits of Fathom's core Concepts and tools through the Fathom Dashboard and Fathom Pathways, as well as membership of Groups and the Forum. It's best suited to those who are seeking powerful personal development tools.



Apex includes all the features and benefits of the Nexus subscription and unlocks access to all AIDAN+ features, plus regular Masterminds. The Apex subscription is best suited to those who'd like to benefit from the independent perspective, impartial guidance and structured accountability that coaching delivers.


AI-Powered Coaching & Masterminds

If you'd like to benefit from professional support, impartial guidance and structured accountability as part of your personal development journey, then subscribe to the Apex Plan.


For those looking to dive deeper into Fathom's tools and concepts and receive support and guidance on their personal development journey:

24/7 Access To AIDAN's 1-to-1 Virtual Coaching

Personalised Guidance, Support & Feedback

Strictly Private & Confidential

Benefit From AIDAN's Support On Any Topic

included with your Apex Plan


Partner With AIDAN™ Your Always On AI Coach

Subscribe to the Apex plan and benefit from immediate access to all of AIDAN's virtual coaching features. AIDAN+ gives you 24/7 access to AIDAN's personalised 1-to-1 support and guidance in a secure coaching chat room. 


Not only does AIDAN have all the knowledge and wisdom of an experienced professional coach, he also has access to an extensive library of information about Fathom's concepts and tools. At the beginning of each AIDAN+ Session, you can also personalise your experience by granting AIDAN access to different elements of your Fathom profile. For example, if you want AIDAN to help you craft your personal mission statement, you might choose to share your Values, Strengths and/or Traits with him before you start the session. 


For those looking to connect with other Fathom Members and actively engage and interact with the Fathom Community:

Group Coaching Calls Hosted By A Professional Coach

Explore Fathom's Concepts With The Community

Join Up To 2 x Masterminds Every Month

Share Your Experiences & Support Other Members


included with your APEX Plan


Group Coaching Calls With Fathom's Coaches

Join Masterminds and deepen your development with the collective wisdom of the Fathom community. These group calls are included in your Apex membership, providing a unique opportunity to engage with your fellow Fathom Members and explore Fathom's concepts and ideas.

Expect dynamic discussions about the four Fathom Forces - Presence, Purpose, Perspective, and Pursuit. Each call is a chance to explore new ideas, share experiences, and gain actionable insights tailored to enhance your personal and professional journey.

Masterminds are where you connect, share, and grow together, powered by the expertise of seasoned coaches and the shared ambition of the Fathom community.



Get started with the Foundations Pass and then choose between a Single Pass for focused learning or an Ultimate Pass to access multiple Concepts. Whether you're looking to explore a specific topic or broaden your understanding, there's a pass for you.



Best for those looking to put a limited number of Fathom Concepts into practice:

Access To 1 x QuickDive Programs

QuickDive Group & Forum Access

Valid For 12 Months

10% Discount On Coaching


FROM £45



Best for those looking to explore and combine the benefits of multiple Fathom Concepts:

Access To All QuickDive Programs

Access to All Groups & Forums

Valid For 12 Months

20% Discount On Coaching



No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.


Partner with a professional coach

Partner with Fathom Founder, Dan Ford, for one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions. Choose from 1, 3, or 6 sessions. All options provide targeted advice, guidance, and support for your personal development journey.

Personalise your experience

Your Fathom experience, tailored. Manage your profile and settings to ensure Fathom aligns with your individual leadership path.

Track your progress

Stay on top of your growth. Monitor progress through Concepts, assess your development, and map your future learning journey.

Manage your sessions

All your coaching, simplified. Book sessions, schedule calls, and review past engagements – all in one place.


Your personal development hub

Your Member Dashboard is where you can manage your Fathom journey. From booking sessions to engaging with community discussions, everything you need is in one place.

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