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Fathom - Personal Development & Personal Growth Coaching
Fathom - Personal Development -  Subscription
Fathom - Personal Development - Apex Subscription


Personalised Support & Guidance

When designing our approach to coaching, our goal was simple: To help you overcome the challenges and complexities of life, so you can fulfil your potential, become your best self, and create the life you want. 

Fathom's coaching achieves this by providing a powerful combination of personalised AI coaching from AIDAN and professional support, impartial advice, and structured accountability from expert personal development coaches. This dual approach ensures you have 24/7 support on your personal development journey

Gain Clarity Through An Independent Perspective

Benefit From Instant Insights & Personalised Guidance

Track Your Progress With Structured Accountability


AIDAN is Fathom's AI-Powered Coach, providing you with personalised guidance and support 


Masterminds are group coaching calls facilitated by one of Fathom's expert personal development coaches.

Fully Integrated Support

AIDAN is woven into the fabric of Fathom, providing consistent, tailored advice across every feature of our platform, ensuring a cohesive and personalised growth experience.

Immersive Learning with Fathom Studio

Journey through the virtual environments of Fathom Studio, where AIDAN delivers tutorials and talks, making learning an engaging, immersive experience.

Accessible to All Members

Whether you’re a Nexus or Apex subscriber, AIDAN’s expertise is a cornerstone of your membership, offering unparalleled support and guidance as you navigate your path to personal and professional growth.


AI Amplified Coaching

AIDAN™ is at the heart of Fathom's coaching platform, offering personalised feedback and guidance across all our interactive tools, accessible 24/7 on any device. Whether you’re exploring new concepts or deepening your understanding, AIDAN is always on hand to ensure your personal development journey is supported at every turn.

With AIDAN, experience a personalised coaching journey that’s fully integrated into your life, making every interaction an opportunity for growth and learning.


Partner With AIDAN

As part of your Apex subscription, you'll benefit from all of AIDAN's virtual coaching features, giving you 24/7 access to his personalised 1-to-1 support and guidance in a secure coaching chat room that can be accessed on any device. 


Not only does AIDAN have all the knowledge and wisdom of an experienced professional coach, he also has access to an extensive library of information about Fathom's concepts and tools.


At the beginning of each AIDAN+ Session, you can personalise your coaching experience even further by granting AIDAN access to elements of your Fathom profile. For example, if you want AIDAN to help you craft your personal mission statement, you might choose to share your Values, Strengths or Traits with him before you start the session, or if you need help taking action, then you might choose to focus on your Habits or Goals.

Your privacy and confidentiality are of paramount importance to us. So rest assured, your data is stored securely and safely on the Fathom platform. We will only share your first name and the information you actively select with AIDAN. You're always in control of what data and details you share with AIDAN.

Facilitated By Fathom's Founder

Hosted by one of Fathom's highly experienced personal and professional development coaches, these sessions are an opportunity to deep dive into Fathom's concepts.

Expanding Horizons

With plans to expand our faculty, these calls will soon feature an even wider range of professional coaches, each bringing their unique expertise to accelerate your growth and development.

Tailored Topics

Each Mastermind Call focuses on one of the four Fathom Forces - Presence, Purpose, Perspective, or Pursuit. Each call will focus on the Concepts and tools associated with that Force. This ensures a rich, focused discussion that's directly applicable to your personal and professional development journey.


Mastermind Calls With A Professional Coach

In the spirit of collaborative growth and shared wisdom, Fathom introduces Mastermind Calls, a key feature of our Nexus and Apex memberships. These calls are designed to amplify your personal development journey through collective insight and peer support.

Mastermind Calls enable you to engage in dynamic discussions, share challenges and successes, and explore new perspectives under the guidance of seasoned coaches. It's here that the Fathom community comes together to inspire and uplift each other, ensuring that every member's journey is supported and enriched by collective wisdom.


Kickstart Your Personal Development Journey Today

Unlock the full power of the Fathom and accelerate your personal and professional growth by joining our community. Whether you're just starting or looking to deepen your journey, our membership options provide tailored support to guide you every step of the way.

NEXUS Membership - Concepts & Community Features - £25 p/m

APEX Membership - Adds AIDAN+ & Masterminds - £45 p/m

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