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Fathom - Personal Development & Personal Growth Coaching
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Fathom - Personal Development & Personal Growth Concepts


Kickstart Your Personal Development Journey

At Fathom, we've developed a collection of carefully curated Concept to help accelerate your personal growth, increase your productivity, and boost your performance. 


Unlike traditional personal development programs and courses, Fathom's dynamic integration of AIDAN, our AI-powered coach, ensures that every step on your growth path is enhanced with personalised feedback, instant insights and professional advice.

Personalised learning paths to guide your personal development journey

Fathom Pathways

Fathom - Personal Development & Personal Growth Pathways

Assessments, resources and trackers to empower you to take consistent action

Fathom Dashboard

Fathom - Personal Development & Personal Growth Dashboard
Fathom Forces - Personal Development Concept


Live Life With Intention

& Purpose

The Fathom platform is designed to help you balance four Forces to achieve greater meaning, satisfaction and fulfilment in life. The Fathom Forces are Presence, Purpose, Perspective and Pursuit.


Cultivate a mindful approach to life, appreciating the journey and embracing the learning experiences along the way.


Discover and align with your unique calling, fostering a deeper sense of meaning and impact in what you do.

Adopt a growth mindset and develop resilience against setbacks, enabling you to overcome life's challenges and complexities.

Set and achieve meaningful goals, fueling your personal and professional growth as you shape your future.



As you explore Fathom Forces, you'll discover how each of them can empower you to proactively shape your future, whilst enjoying the present, and living an intentional life full of meaning and purpose.

Fathom Forces - Personal Growth Model

Designed with your unique needs, priorities, and objectives in mind, our Pathways provide a clear, structured roadmap to start your personal development journey. Whether you’re looking to find balance, explore your purpose, or move towards your goals, we guide you step-by-step. 

Fathom Pathways - Personal Development Learning Paths
Graphical overview of Fathom's Chapters concept illustrating life as distinct chapters with phases for mindful and purposeful living


Embrace Your Life's Chapters

Navigate your life's narrative with the Chapters concept. See your life as a series of meaningful chapters, each offering unique opportunities for growth and reflection. Learn to move through life's phases with purpose and clarity using our Chapters Tracker to guide your journey.

Clarifies Focus & Direction

Boosts Mindfulness and Presence

Strengthens Resilience and Adaptability

Visual guide to Fathom's Habits Concept showcasing the process of turning daily habits into strategies for personal growth


Unlock Your Potential Through The Power of Habits

Transform your daily routines into stepping stones for success with Fathom's Habits Concept. Build a balanced, fulfilling life by strategically developing habits that align with your goals. Start tracking your progress with our Habits Tracker and make every day count.

Boosts Daily Productivity

Improves Time Management

Delivers Exponential Results

Diagram highlighting Fathom's six life Pillars Model for achieving balance across wealth, work, wellbeing, recreation, relationships, and environment


Improve Your Overall Life Balance

Enhance your life's harmony with the Pillars Model™. Fathom's holistic approach covers six key areas of life, offering strategies for achieving equilibrium between Wealth, Work, Wellbeing, Recreation, Relationships, and Environment. Begin your journey to balanced living today.

Enhances Life Satisfaction

Promotes Holistic Wellbeing

Informs Balanced Lifestyle Choices

Diagram of Fathom's VICES framework identifying stages from vulnerability to severity for mastering moderation and positive actions


Understand Your Vices & Master Moderation

Master moderation and transform your habits with Fathom's VICES concept. Identify and manage harmful behaviours before they escalate, enhancing your productivity and personal growth. Learn the art of balance with our Vices Tracker and foster a healthier, more productive lifestyle.

Increases Productivity Levels

Encourages Mindful Habit Management

Supports Healthy Behavior Moderation


Embrace The Now

Ground yourself in the here and now by focusing on gratitude and appreciation. These concepts guide you in cultivating a positive mental attitude and a mindful approach to life, helping you find contentment in your current experience.

Fathom - Personal Development Platform Subscriptions


Get Started Today

Ready to start creating the life you really want? Join Fathom and get started today.

Ever felt like you're drowning in complex personal development theories and ideas? Books and courses can inspire, but that inspiration often fades fast. Keeping those insights in mind day-to-day is hard. Traditional resources are complex and easy to forget, making it tough to apply what you've learned.

Fathom's approach is different, using a series of straightforward Concepts and personalised learning pathways to simplify the journey, and the Fathom Dashboard ensures these powerful ideas become part of your daily life, leading to real, lasting change.

Scroll down to view a selection of the tools and resources accessible through the Dashboard...

Fathom Dashbaord - Personal Development Learning Dashboard
Fathom Dashbaord - Personal Development Learning Model
Aptitude Profiler


Aptitude Profiler

Track the time you spend in Zones of Genius, Excellence, Competence & Incompetence.

Balance Tracker


Balance Tracker

Monitor your overall life balance across the six Life Pillars.

Beliefs Tracker


Beliefs Tracker

Identify and prioritise your Affirmations, Expectations, Needs & Commitments

Chapters Tracker


Chapters Tracker

Identify which phase of your current life Chapter you're in.

Forces Journal


Forces Journal

Prime yourself for a positive and productive day with a regular journal practice.

Forces Tracker


Forces Tracker

Assess your balance of the four Fathom Forces™- Presence, Purpose, Perspective & Pursuit.

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